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islamic instagram accounts

13 Beautiful Islamic Instagram Accounts To Follow & Come Close To Allah

Everyone Todays use social Media for uploading pictures, making new friends, but many of us end up becoming Social Media Addictive. Have You ever thought that you can use these Social Media to become closer to Allah? This can be done by following Accounts that post Quran quotes, Quran Recitation, Hadeeth Quotes and Islamic Reminders. Continuously getting in touch with these accounts Inshallah will melt your Heart.

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1. Quranquotes3

Quranquotes3 Provides very Beautiful Quran Recitations Videos.

2. Quraanfm

Quran Recitations Videos in Urdu, English, Turkish, Spanish and many more.

3. Yousef__bakar

Refreshing Quran Recitation Videos Daily.

4. river of paradise 17

Post Islamic Information. Jinn Series, 70 Major Sins in Islam, Angles Around Us are some of His Content.

5. merciful_muslimin

Post Quran Quotes, Duas, Hadeeth Quotes and many more.

6. Youth Of The Ummah

Quran Quotes, Duas, Information about Prophet Muhammad Saw Wifes.

7. working.4.jannah

Quran qutoes, Hadeeth and islamic Reminders.

8. 100quran

 Daily Reminders From Quran With English Translation.

9. Chosen.verse

Unique Quran and Hadeeth Quotes.

10. love.allaah

Quran , Hadeeth Quotes, Islamic Reminders.

11. repenting.muslim

Quran Quotes, Hadeeth and Islamic Reminders.

12. quran the guidance

Reposting Account, Provides daily islamic Reminders.

13. quran_the_furqaan

Quran Full Surah Recitations, Quran Quotes, 40 Rabbana Duas.

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